Re-Potting Succulents


So you have bought many succulents from a store..Now what?

Chances are, these plants may have not been watered for a while or the soil may end up too dry.  Here are some simple steps to make sure you can re-pot those plants with a new and fresh soiled potted plant!

1. Mix moisture control potting soil, sand and some perlite.  Make sure you do a mixture meant for your planter drainage.  

2. Carefully pull out the plant from the plastic pot and remove the old soil.  You can do this by using a brush to free up the roots from the soil, or use hands.

3. Use a good sized pot with one drainage hole at the bottom.  Add about three quarters of pebbles or river rocks first and then the soil mixture.

4. Place the plant on top of the soil and carefully wedge it in.  Add more soil on top of the root to make sure it is in the desired location and place it securely.

5. To finish it of, add pebbles or river rocks on top of the soil. 

Now your succulents are beautifully potted. Enjoy re-potting!

Garden my favorite home…

Thank goodness it’s Friday!!! I finally found time to plant my collections to these adorable pots I found at Homegoods.

Planting is therapeutic for me. I enjoy mixing different colors, shapes and textures. I visualize and form sculpture-like dimensions. I also consider the color and shape of the planter.

Planting also reminds me of my childhood. I remember my great grandma (Apu Sela), my grandma (Lola Loleng) and my uncle (Bapa Zaldy) gardening at our farm house back in the Philippines. They were the ones who inspired me and introduced me to the “beauty of greens”.

I hope you enjoy your Memorial Day weekend and  my potted succulents.


Potted Succulents on reclaimed rustic tray.

It was my Sunday shopping décor day today.  I went to the market early in the morning and found these lovely reclaimed rustic trays.  I was very impressed with the distressed woods, rustic bolts and handles used.

In the arvo, I potted a few of my collected greens.  Rather than making a terrarium, I decided to pot each of the succulents. I want to appreciate each uniqueness and beauty. They are absolutely adorable in a different way to the other. Each were created with great ingenuity.

Have a goodnight readers!!!